Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Palm Oil Smallholding Your Road To Riches

Did you know?

One of the surest way of becoming rich or very comfortable living is to start an oil palm smallholding. It has now been proven in many parts of Sarawak and elsewhere that if you have 500 trees it has the potential to give you a return of between RM5000 to RM10,000 gross per month.Your monthly cost will be about RM0.20 per ringgit earned. At that amount you are earning about the same amount as a salaried medical doctor working in the private sector. To plant 500 trees you need a land of about 10 acres and to wait for a maximum of 4 years from planting to your first harvest. And your capital cost will be ranging from RM10,000 to RM30,000 depending on whether you have to buy land or not.

The amount invested is well below the amount you need to send your son or daughter for a first degree course in a university. A degree will take 3-5 years and upon graduation your son and daughter gets a salary well below the amount you get from palm oil smallholding. But I am not saying you should not send your children for a university education. All I am saying is that even for children who are not academically inclined there is good prospect in starting an oil palm or even rubber smallholding.

If one has sufficient capital, the trick is to plant a minimum of 3000 trees so that it's viable to employ workers full time to work in your mini estate. All you need to do is to sharpen your knowledge on commercial farming related to you field of business, supervise and manage your farm.

Imagine how much can you earn from 3000 trees? It will be between RM30,000
to even RM60,000 depending on how well you take care of your farm, quality of fertilizer used, experience of your labourers etc

Just to let you know I am also trying it out and it's work for me though I am not reaping the maximum potential return as yet. You bet I am very anxious to expand my acreage and will do so as soon as more land becomes available.

I believe in "He who dares - wins!"

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