Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fertilizer Store - extended

Extended store endur nyimpan injin api & baja

Inside the log & brick cabin

Life in the longhouse Part 4

Camera shy cucu and his grandpa
This is how you look those days? Makai bebala maioh aba ruai and this cucu is ready with plastic plate - never mind about being his nakedness?
Tiles kena ngaga kaki 5 - quite long overdue
Bersium laki bini pengudah disabong jadi melaki bini nitihka adat kristian. Lua kissing his wife. Baru kawin gereja pengudah bisi 4 iko anak semua lelaki magang. Before this - was it a training session pia????
Uchu Ensigan kawin nitihka adat kristian benong diberekat Father Connors

Life in the longhouse Part 3

In serious discussion before confession?
Kursus Bebaso pala & Kawin ba Rh Bansa 23 - 25 April tu tadi

above: Ngangkut ramo kena ngaga Mesrafarms base camp.
Below - children posing for this blogger

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Who do they say I am?"

A Tuai Rumah? A Pengulu or a Pemancha?

You see some primary school children are playing football in a rural setting. As usual they got into small clashes consequently injuring the other kid. The injury is so bad according to one party that the parent had to spend RM1800 in hospital bills. The accussed party said it was just a game and there was no ill intention. The injured party demanded for compensation if not there will be a "tit for tat". The parents of both kids got so worked out that one party threatened to harm the other unless adequate compensation is paid. Both parties are related to me. One is from my longhouse and another from another longhouse also my relatives. The defending party ie my nephew, niece & daughter-in-law and grandson; kept on sending me sms after sms asking for advise on what to do? I told them to report the incident to both TRs of the 2 longhouses for arbitration. But apparently the TRs are too incompetent to get the problem resolved. I told them if the TRs cannot get the problem solved then go and report the "open quarrel/getting violent disputes" to the local police.

This morning I even received a call - in the middle of an office meeting- informing me yet another attempt by the injured party to inflict a revenge on the accused party. This time I told its "mother versus mother" session until somebody had to split them up. Earlier on it was the father threatening the other father ie my nephew. This happened eventhough the accussed tried time and again to mediate for peace. Nadai duit kena mayar nitihka pinta orang sepaik nyin. In any case can we find someone liable for football incident - Alex Ferguson will be laughing how silly and naive can these people be?

The question is: have I make myself look like a TR, a pengulu or a Pemanca?

One day in the life of me - how many more will there be such "amusing" days?

Only God knows. Thanks God for this gift of a new day!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jalai belakang rumah panjai..............

Hilux testing the road at the back yard. Below - jalai dipeda ngalih ari ili rumah panjai

Miscellaneous works..............

Ngaga platform endol engkah tangki ai - 18 Apr 2009
Ngaga setor endol nyimpan baja sawit - 18 April 2009
Team nyukat tanah ngena GPS.The new plot is inclusive of the sago palm seen at the background. Left to right: Rantai, Apai Birun (land & Survey employee) & Bajat...taken on 18 Apr 2009
With a correct contact one can get a supply of urea from ABF @RM25 per bag

JPA Scholarship Interview...on 31 March 2009 & a birthday party

You have seen her earlier in this blog. Mixed parentage ----ibanorangputih
Mother,cucu n nenek - one for the blog
Son - attending JPA scholarship interview on 31 March 2009 in Miri. Below - father, son n daughter at Parkcity Everly Miri 31 mARCH 2009