Sunday, March 22, 2009

The fruits of our labor.....

Above: after 14 months the palm starts to show fruits....praise the lord!
Above: "the worker" who wakes at 4.30am leaving for selangau on week end
Above: the reluctant heir to the holdings
Palm close up view

Saturday, March 14, 2009

In all things, give thanks.

My brother drove from Selangau all the way to Bintulu to transport this fibre glass boat, which cost a cool RM2,200. My 1st cousin bought it from a boat builder in Bintulu, to be used for their daily farming activities. After the sago felling season, the longhouse folks have deeper pockets now. Praise the Lord!

My nephew, Lua, who works for a oil & gas company (runggu ensing ku Indai Maie) bought a Hilux recently and in conjunction with his youngest son's birthday on 14 March, gave a big makan to the longhouse folks. So we city folks went balik kampung. I took my son and several workers to do manuring on Saturday morning and that completed, helped the celebrating family to prepare for the thanksgiving dinner. Cathetist Minggat came in the evening to lead the prayers. Meruik meh jani. Engkiuk sida manuk. Tu lumor Hilux ia angka bisi sekeda ka nguji nasit.

Young Enterpreneur - in - the -making?

My son with my uchu, Augustine Bansa. August is studying in Sabah and back for the short break. I took them to the farm for manuring session.
My son, who I am training to take over from me.
Do you see him as a potential gentleman farmer?
The best and healthiest palm in one of the plots ie sub-farms. Below: My son with the workers - one for the record

Life in the longhouse

I took this snapshot of the my uchus who were still sleeping soundly at the ruai when I left for Bintulu early this morning. They had a late night, after the party they went to my niece's house to watch the football match and came back late.

Below: My brothers and cousins -happily posing for this blog

Above: My son and nephews, Lua and Rampai.