Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Note From Glasgow

We have been in Glasgow since morning 26th june. The weather here is cold unpredictable and chilly - alternating between cloudy skies, drizzling and short occassional sunshine. We went for a tour of Edinburgh on 27th and Oban on 28th june. Today 29th went to church and then shopping. Wife and daughter somehow are in shopping and buying mood telling me here they have some of the latest fashions and bla bla to justify their acts. I am not amused though because when you make the conversion, the items turn out to be very pricey!

Tomorrow will be a graduation day! The day she and we had been waiting for! On 1st July we are thinking of joining a day tour to Iverness or Loc Ness?. We have yet to have plan for the 2nd but on the 3rd we are ready and happy to leave this place before we get to burn more of our pockets.

Just to give you an idea of the cost here: pisang embun is RM3+ per biji at Heathrow airport, taxi meter in Glasgow starts at RM13 ie 2 pounds, a four courses chinese meal for 3 cost RM264 and at tourist city -Oban your fantastic seafood lunch will cost RM386.00 ie oysters, mussels, prawn, crabs and salmoon - hotel room rate RM500+ per night the equivalent of 2 star size room in KL.....and to enter a toilet RM1.20 per entry. Maybe you should come and see for yourself. Daylight hours till 10pm and by 4am - udah tampak!

Someday I hope when the hole in the pocket is self healing it will probably be a good idea to come here again - the country sides are a sight to behold!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

MesraFarms 21 June 2008

Workers having lunch at MF Base camp
Lunch Shuffler - ie tukang ngepas lauk kin kitu for those too busy with lunch feed
Workers resting after a lunch - special dish was kgs of craps imported from KK

Nobody need tan in here when the weather was pretty hot

MF Works

The workers came in numbers and there were 15 of them!
Workers resting
That's me in red - horrendous huh
Henry Nabau (standing second from left)- a friend and senior govt officer from Bintulu Port came visiting the farm
Here we go again - ice cold water was a rare treat indeed!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bali Works of Art

Ramayana Hotel & Spa - ceiling
another bambo artistic creation.......

Some day I hope to convince my long house people to use bambo as interior decorating materials like the one shown in the pictures above. I like what I saw................

Monday, June 9, 2008

Famous Jalan Alor Hawkers Stalls

Just one more feasting at Jln Alor - second sitting for the evening!
Other diners
..................more of the same
................favorite kerang for the none fussy ones!

Vietnam 3 - 7 June 2008 in Pictures

At down town Ho Chi Minh City
Mother & son trying Vietnamese speciality - colored rice
"Son with borrowed vietnamese girlfriend"
Dadi with life long "girlfriend"- Dinner at Amigo Ho Chi Minh City
A questionable attempt to shake off the excess calories?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Gawai 2008 in pictures - Part 2

Ari kiba ke kanan: indai biron, nurse bajik Kumo, indai ladi,
.........indai ensigan, indai maie tisi
Tu gambar Ajik , Melissa & Gavin
Dadi makai maia Gawai 2008
Tu gambar maia kawin Tindo ba ulu Dijih kena 30 May 2008
Tu gambar Gavin begulai enggau Kubo & Rawing

Gawai 2008 in pictures

Mum , Gavin & Dad Gawai 2008
Dadi begulai enggau sida Apai Kumo sebilik
Tim, Ogos, Gavin, Kubu & Rawing
Ari kiba nya Pengantin Tindo & pengapit Melissa

Gambar mami begulai enggau Nuyah, Indai Ladi & Indai Biron