Sunday, December 30, 2007

MesraFarms updates for you

The Interior & Exterior of my longhouse - lower part are pictures of MF at Land Plot No 3

From 20 to 29 Dec 2007 my family and I went to Miri 3 times. We went to Miri on 20 dec and back on 21 dec fetching my daughter who flew in from Jogjakarta for her xmas holiday. Went to Miri again on 26 dec on day trip this time to send my daughter back to Miri enroute to Jogja. On 28th dec we went to Miri again for relatives from Niah wedding at Marriotts Hotel and back to Btu on 29 dec. On 30 I went home to MF on day trip. You will see pictures of my longhouse and MF latest development on the plot of land which is more than 9 acres in size. This plot can accommodate about 600 trees thereby making MF - 1700 trees in all.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

More Pictures from home

More Pictures from home

Some Xmas Pictures

Family Picture - Daphne is in Scotland

Food catering by Peace Garden

Our Christmas Turkey

Monday, December 3, 2007

Some pictures of the family

While on holiday in Jogyakarta, Indonesia

Three adorable children

Daphne, Erica & Gavin

Xmas tree at 755 & in the middle is the entrance to MesraFarms

2nd Dec 2007 - St Charles Church in Selangau was packed & full

This was one unusual sunday where the church was full.We saw the Lua's, the Ogos's, the Denis's,the Gulang's family and the Rantai's family. Praise the lord. Everyone has to enter the church barefooted in order not to soil the newly tiled floor and the landas season would have bring in alot of muddy foot prints.I was in Selangau for my weekly MesraFarms round.