Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bye Bye Folks Bye Bye Special One In Jogja!

Hi good morning to visitors of my blog especially the "Special One" in Jogyakarta, Indonesia. I woke in the middle of the night and couldn't sleep for quite a while and got the inspiration to write this post.

Well, not that the world really cares but for the sake of keeping my avid reader in Jogja informed.

The sleep interruption? - perhaps because of the jet-leg after coming back from overseas somewhere. I am making a conscious decision to cease blogging on my own for four reasons.

One- my daughter who went to study in Strathclyde, Scotland has finally graduated and safely returned home, Praise the Lord.

Second - I took up blogging because my wife who was not a blogger then has became a dedicated blogger of her own with separate site and she together with my "back home" daughter will take the role of keeping my other Special One in Jogja posted and informed of home happenings and news.

Third reason - is well represented (as if it cares) by three members from the same family ie one from the home front and another from overseas.

Fourth - changed man? - not really: having came back from overseas I have become more interested in reading books - bought by my wife that is. Read one already titled " Malaysia and the Club of Doom - The Collapse of the Islamic Countries" by Syed Akbar Ali. Good book - an attempt by the author to explain Islamic and muslim religion , behaviors, thinking, way of lives, etc. Now I am getting hold of a second book entitled: " LIM GOH TONG" - An Autobiography. Just started reading it. Perhaps someday I can "transform"( if not during my life time perhaps my future generation) my own Bukit Kuncit in Selangau to become next the casino haven of Malaysia!

Dijih Boleh! Selangau Boleh! Hopefully Selangau will no longer become infamous for being the GE12 Bahlurrsss Heartland!

Last but not least I have decided to read more books instead of blogging - as a new hobby to distract me from all worries of the world such as escalating oil prices, food crisis, weather crisis, global warming, brewing world's conflicts, forever new twists to the Malaysian political drama, allegations and counter allegations where everybody is accusing somebody of sodomy, corruptions, etc, etc, etc

Happy and blessed Sunday to my Special One in Jogya!

Posted at 1.46am 6th July 2008

More Pictures of Scotland

Scotland Cost

Diesel in Scotland costs RM8.90 per liter, take away coffee RM6.60, a 4-courses chinese dinner for 3 persons cost between RM300 - 400.00; taxi fare starts at RM13 or 2 pounds, pisang embun RM3+ each at Heathrow airport, blackberry set RM2000.00. In short Malaysia is still a cheaper place to live!

Strathclyde University Awards Congregation 30th June 2008

Daphne on her graduation day
After receiving her scroll
this is what she had been slogging for the last 4.5 years
Daphne with her friends
and another friend