Sunday, January 27, 2008

Of turtle & my uchu Moses

My son loves turtle and requested me to buy the dish when I went to selangau. But we came back rushing home and had no time to stop by in selangau town. I went to tamu this morning and saw this 8 kg turtle (lelabi kuning) and bought it for RM200.00. You know what I did to it of course. The last two are pictures of my uchu Moses who is under 2 years old.The strange part I am showing to you is the turtle most precious weapon in its armoury - if you know what I mean.......hehheheh.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

A new piece of land for MFarms

When I least expected it, a relative approached me mid-week to offer her land for sale. I was very excited bcos I have been eyeing the land for some time but when I sent feelers last year, I heard the family was not keen to sell. Many people are also interested in the land - it is about the only piece that has not been pledged to RH under the NCR land scheme. Further it is near to the main road, about a kilometre from SRK Sg Dijih and 1.5 km from my longhouse.

After negotiating the price, my wife and I balik kampung today and visited the land together with the relative, the neighbouring land owner, our tuai rumah and some equally excited relatives. I called my nephew-in-law, who is a qualified surveyor based in Mukah and he came to survey the land using GPS. The new land is about 8.894 ha or 21.977 acres surrounded by oil palm plantation. It has access road on three sides. The land has a small water fall. It is about 800 meters from the main road (Jln Sg Dijih) and easily accessible. You can see Bukit Kuncit in the background and also Rh Bili as well. The mini dam and waterfall is also seen in these pictures. I can plant about 1,200 oil palm trees on the new land. Since the access road is already available, I only need to make roads within the land and terrace some hilly parts. As you can see from the pictures, there are some big trees on one side of the land. Sure the next few months will be a busy one for me but I know I will enjoy it. Praise the Lord, thank you Lord.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ikan mayuh nama: kedebu, paloi, tutu

This riverine fish is called by different names by different people - the supermarket that sold it alive call it Ikan Batik because of the scale pattern, the chinese call it ikan paloi and yet they love to ieat it! The Iban call it ikan kedebu. The fish is best steamed. At most restaurants it cost RM70 per kilo but I bought it alive and fresh for RM45/kg . The fish weighed 3.2kg, pricey but it makes the wife happy, she has been wanting to eat kedebu for quite sometime. I used to eat this fish in Selangau on my weekly trip home - it's available at the kedai makai across the road from the shell station.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

MF visit on Jan 10, 2008

I went home to Selangau on Jan 10, 2008 and got these pictures taken for you.Left Bintulu at 5 am and returned to Bintulu at 5 pm. Managed to install water catchment tanks for spraying purpose at the farms and transfering seedlings from brother farm house to MF. We now have about 756 trees on land 1, 393 trees on land 2 and 530 trees on land 3. Our target is to plant 1800 trees unfortunately land is not available. No one is prepared to sell land even at RM1200 per hectare. We are still looking for additional land though. The harvesting kids are my cucu, while the pictures at the balcony are nephew, ucu2, cousins and brother Balai waiting for lunch to be served!

Monday, January 7, 2008

More MesraFarms in pictures

MesraFarms updates for you

In here you see pictures of the nursery in Batu Niah, the seedling transported to Selangau and the house is belonging to my brother Balai who is quite a successful palm oil farmer earning as much as RM7K per 3 weeks.The seedlings were tarnsported to Selangau on 6th Jan 2008 recently