Saturday, March 29, 2008

The bloggers Oh bloggers - why do thou say such a nasty thing about my beloved country?

A “ Medical” Perspective on Why the BN Lost in the Recent Elections PDF Print E-mail
Posted by labisman
Saturday, 29 March 2008

With the thrashing that they got in the 12th.GE, the BN is now in ICU and they are doing a post mortem to find out what happened.
To help BN with this task, the following medical report has been prepared to identify the diseases / illnesses that have been plaguing it and how these ailments have caused this sickening organization to become so sick that major surgery is now being considered.


Overeating – gorged themselves and ate too much of the people’s money

Heart failure – did not have a heart to really care about the rakyat

Rectal cancer and constipation – did not expel all the shit from the system

Diabetes – fondness for sweet things, i.e. saying sweet things to try and con the rakyat ( in plain English, lying )

Stroke – stroked too much of their own ego and became too arrogant

Overworking – too busy running here and there cutting deals for own benefit

Alzheimer’s – forgot to play the proper role of an elected representative

Obsessive-compulsive neurosis – obsession with cleaning, especially sweeping things under the carpet

HP6 – a mutation of the deadly H5N1 ( bird flu) virus which manifests itself in the form of idiocy or semi-idiocy, thus the descriptor “ half past six ( HP6)”. Many members of the BN are infected.

VD – Very Deaf. Did not listen to the grievances of the rakyat and did not heed the healthy advice and feedback from bloggers.

Color Bind – a form of visual impairment which is directly the opposite of being color blind. There is a fixation on color and everything must always be discussed in terms of “color” – Malay, Chinese, Indian etc.

Liver problems – failure to de-Liver on promises

“Inverted Cerebranus “ – a new form of disease where the cerebrum and anus are transposed causing highly irrational and objectionable behaviour, like brandishing ancient weapons and ranting racial slurs and threats


Not good and definitely a terminal case.

Chances of recovery are 1 in a gadzillion, about the same odds as Osama converting to the Jewish faith and becoming a messenger of world peace.


No known cure. Euthanasia recommended.

Suggest to drink lacquer – at least it will ensure a beautiful finish.

By Political doctor

The Niah Folks

The wonderful relatives from Batu Niah came visiting in droves.Berandau session in progress shshhhhhhhh. Serious business is being discussed.

Singapore Trip 26 - 29 Mar 2008

A picture taken at Clarke Quay, Singapore
A steamed seabass going and gone! Only had time to take a picture of what remained of the fish.
At Sentosa VIVO CITY
Bugis Street Singapore
Another Bugis Street Singapore

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sebana urang Dijih.. enda di sukong mati apai, di sukong mati indai..tang dudi ila lain runding

Kasih bala kami ari Dijih. People from more than 30 longhouses are users of Jln Sg Dijih - Meruan, Dijih, Bauh, Sebakong and yet look at the road conditions of Jalan Sungai Dijih. The ADUN for Tamin's bungalow and longhouse is located on the same stretch of dirt road yet we have a third world standard infrastructure in the area and many other places and he has been the MP and ADUN there since the last 20 years. Electricity, piped water and telephone lines are just a stone throw away at the Sibu-Bintulu main road and yet for the last 25 years these utilities have not been made available to the many long houses and a school along Jln Sg Dijih. ANd Jln Sg Dijih is only 7 km long! The school (the former school where the ADUN Tamin taught before he became YB) gets its supply of gravity feed water from my land, all FOC... I will start to charge from now on... Small and even big cars continously got stucked at many stretches along the road.

Pak Lah should let the rakyat fill in the report cards of these YBs. I will gladly include these pictures and take more pictures during landas season where the road is almost impassable, to show him. Let the pictures speak for themselves.

Father Francis Kuleh Farewell Dinner Part 2

A picture of Gavin and Jandol who works at Park Everlycity Hotel Bintulu Gavin enjoying the dinner?
English choir group giving a presentation and my wife is on the far right with her signature blackdress?
Father Francis himself giving a farewell number to the amusement of all who were present for the night!

Father Francis Kuleh Farewell Dinner on 16 March

Dinner or no dinner some people just slept away their time. Could the dinner been boring? See how people catch a sleep during dinner time!

MesraFarms visit on 19-20 March 2008

The first four pictures are my workers before and after the manuring sessions. The last picture is Apai Nyala (my older brother, Rantai) making his bbq pit with the help of Ginda - understandable afterall the price of palm oil has hit the ceiling of late and there could be alot of bbq works to be done in the days ahead?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

First Mass at Stella Maris Church

The 1st mass held at the new church, Stella Maris at Kidurong was today, on Palm Sunday mass (16th March 2008). Father Francis Kuleh was the celebrant - his last mass in Bintulu as the parish priest before moving on to Marudi after 6 years of posting in Btu. The church was packed and it was quite an experience. Yaaay we were among the first to pray in the church! Praise the Lord.
My wife and son were both on duty - wife as commentator seated behind the rostrum and son was one of the altar servers. Me, I sibuk tangkap gambar, to practice for the big affair on 31 Mar when we will have the diaconate ordination of our own local boy, Peter Hwang.