Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Left Hand Not Knowing What The Right is Doing

This posting can also be entitled " Don't Take No for answer" or Inefficiency still prevails....

You see my son probational driving licence will expire tomorrow but I decided to go to JPJ to renew it today knowing this will be an experience of sort. My son had earlier on (i.e one week ago) wanted to renew it himself but was told to renew the licence within one year from 22.9.2010 and so he came back dissappointed daring not to question the counter staff.

Upon reaching the JPJ office I got my number and while waiting for my turn to be served, decided to approach the info counter staff inquiring whether I need to fill up any form. He said yes and requested a colleague to give me a form to fill. When I inquire whether I can sign on behalf of my son he said no it must be signed personally by the applicant i.e my son. So I decided to think of a quick strategy, fill up the form and sign it "curi-ing" my son's signature. When my turn came I approach the counter staff (careful to turn my back away from the attention of the info counter staff lest he see me "trying to beat" the system)and produce to him the filled up form only to be told no form was needed for the service.

I was asked to pay RM30 and got the licence in less than five minutes - happy at last with mission accomplished but not without so many "mis-informations" - at least four (4) just to do renew one very simple licence.

When will the system be excellent? May be by the year 2025!

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