Friday, October 30, 2009

Mesrafarm - updates on 30 Oct 2009

Above - rewarding my workers with beer breaks! to energize them?
Politic of land development on NCR land - stakeholder?100% personally owned.Land clearing, stacking, terracing, road access, culvert constructions and field planting completed within one month -provided there is availability of sufficient workers. Total trees on this plot is estimated to be between 1100 - 1300 with potential monthly income of RM11K to 13K per month, God willing + but proven by those who have tried it
Below: With my 2 penan workers ie John Laweng (blue short) and Yuse in dark colored shirt- appointed on 30 Oct 2009. Hope they come to stay for good seraya ka nolong the less fortunate ko kitai!
Projek ai diberi Geological Department Kuching - courtesy of Dr Richard Manie a close friend from UM days till now
Above & below: IMsia -rural electrification project comes to Rh Bansa 46 years after joining Msia!

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