Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Palm Oil Smallholding Your Road To Riches

Did you know?

One of the surest way of becoming rich or very comfortable living is to start an oil palm smallholding. It has now been proven in many parts of Sarawak and elsewhere that if you have 500 trees it has the potential to give you a return of between RM5000 to RM10,000 gross per month.Your monthly cost will be about RM0.20 per ringgit earned. At that amount you are earning about the same amount as a salaried medical doctor working in the private sector. To plant 500 trees you need a land of about 10 acres and to wait for a maximum of 4 years from planting to your first harvest. And your capital cost will be ranging from RM10,000 to RM30,000 depending on whether you have to buy land or not.

The amount invested is well below the amount you need to send your son or daughter for a first degree course in a university. A degree will take 3-5 years and upon graduation your son and daughter gets a salary well below the amount you get from palm oil smallholding. But I am not saying you should not send your children for a university education. All I am saying is that even for children who are not academically inclined there is good prospect in starting an oil palm or even rubber smallholding.

If one has sufficient capital, the trick is to plant a minimum of 3000 trees so that it's viable to employ workers full time to work in your mini estate. All you need to do is to sharpen your knowledge on commercial farming related to you field of business, supervise and manage your farm.

Imagine how much can you earn from 3000 trees? It will be between RM30,000
to even RM60,000 depending on how well you take care of your farm, quality of fertilizer used, experience of your labourers etc

Just to let you know I am also trying it out and it's work for me though I am not reaping the maximum potential return as yet. You bet I am very anxious to expand my acreage and will do so as soon as more land becomes available.

I believe in "He who dares - wins!"

Thursday, July 28, 2011

An Email From My Son - Belgaum, Karnataka, India

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Sent: Sun Jul 24 16:15:53 2011

Sorry this e-mail took so long. I was busy settling in. On weekdays there were classes and by the time I got back to my hostel at the end of the day, I was exhausted. On weekends like this, I go shop for stuffs. Hehe.. Exploring Belgaum. Trying new eatery place each time. Since we are just here for few weeks, we were advised by seniors to take Hotel food only. Hotel tu kira Indian standard la. Baka hotel bala sida Riverfront ba kitai din. 2-3 stars. Maioh utai ulih dicerita aku. Hehe..

For our 1st year we have 5 subjects. 3 Medical subjects which are Biochemistry, Anatomy and Physiology. For Dental Subject, we have Dental Materials and Dental Anatomy and Histology. But for our exams, we sit for 4 subjects only excluding Dental Materials. Dental Materials tu dibelajar aja, but will sit for exam in 2nd year. Our class starts at 9am each day. One whole stretch until 1 Pm. Then we have lunch break for 1 hour. After that continue from 2pm until 5pm. For 1st half of the week(Mon, Tue, Wed) we mostly spend our time learning medical subjects at the medical faculty taught by medical professors/ Postgraduate students which is called the Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College (JNMC). For the 2nd part of the week(Thurs, Fri and Sat) we spend most of our time at the Dental Faculty. Which is called Vishawanath Katti Institute of Dental Science. As for Saturday, our class starts at 9am and ends at 1pm. Lectures are fun, and some are so so. The common thing is the knowledge is there for every lecturers.... Ulih ga aku ninga English sida ya. Bisi ke pekat endar Indianised English enda ku entu nemu. Haha... agi belajar ninga.

Makan everyday, kami ulih ngorder meals delivery to doorstep ari Momos and China Wall. China Wall bisi nyedia ka Msian food bala sida nasi goreng, char kway tiew etc. The closest to Msian food that we can have. About 60-150 Rps rega enti ngorder sekali. Enti ka mudah gik, makai ba MESS. MESS tu baka cafeteria. Everyday menu vegetarian everyday. Enti ka makai manok, telu ulih ngasuh sida ngoreng dibelakang. Sekali makai ba MESS tu bisi 80 Rps. Aku laban ke enda beleman, ulih aja makai. Just that, everyday almost the same food. Lelak ga makai utai sama kadang2. Aku nadai masalah ngirup ari ai filter machine urang ditu. Nadai stomachache apa indah. Ah Wei, udah kena stomachache. Balat ga ya kena ari nya. Dibai ke sepital tapi nda admitted. Thank God, kuman aku kebal gik. Haha....

Diatu udah single room aku. Umbas ya ga mal bebayar ke hostel fees ari nya. Room rate is rm330 per month. Taun tu 91K Rps kami perlu berbayar tambah ngau caution money. My room is comfy. Nadai ngiga lebih. Just that wardrobe bertegal, kurap2 mimit. haha... But i'll live. Ka mandi shower suka ati, bisi heater maya pagi2 ti chelap amat. Electric and water bills all accounted for in fees. Bisi gym ga a room away from my room. Convenient ka workout taja equipments enda cukup. Senior ku workout ba gym luar. Enti ku udah cukup duit ila ka ngau sida. Pengawa kami, just meh belajar aja n adapt.

Ba class, kami bisi kira 60 iko org. laki 13 iko aja. kebukai semua local(tempe jako slang Msian ngagau local). Tempe manah ga ngau begulai. Tapi bedau nemu endar ga kati ati sida ya, lama2 ila temu meh, manah ke enda. Tapi, generally they are ok ga. Mai aku n Ah Wei meda wayang Hindi ba cinema sida saritu tadi. Ka meda wayang ba Nucleus Mall. Very small. Tapi bisi cinema showing Eng movies n Hindi movies. ;). Ba ditu, laki begulai ngau laki. Indu begulai ngau indu. Haha...

Weather is pleasant. Belgaum is 2500 above sea level. Highland. Nya alai maioh greenery ditu especially ba campus ground. Maioh old2 trees ka besai. Sejuk mata memandang. Hehe... Nya aja meh, tusah ka meda mata panas maya musim tu. Ujan aja2 tiap ari. But today, I can see the Sun!. ;)) Ulih la baju ke dibasu ku kering legi. Kami ba laundry ulih ngagau orang do laundry for us. Kira baka ama. Tapi aku ka nuci kediri. Bisi orang nyapu bilik n nuci jamban. Nya meh munyi ko aku tadi, nadai ngiga lebih ba hostel.

Learning environment kami mixed of old and new.Buildings peda aja ari luar baka ke tuai tapi utai di dalam canggih2 magang. Also applies to the lecture hall, class room n labs.

Actually living cost ba Belgaum is quite high kenu ko kawan tempe aku diri empu. They said in bigger places like Mumbai, Calcutta, makai sekali semina 20 Rps aja. Laban kami tu tanah tinggi, tusah ka beranjung supplies, engka nya mal kini. Aku makai seari bisi about 150 Rps. kira about rm10. Utai ditu bisi ke ridiculously murah, bisi ke ridiculously mal. Baka ari nya aku ka ngiga ironing board, RM 100 rega siti ! Pahai kitai. Urang tambi enda berterika baju kini. Haha... Laban Belgaum small "town", tusah ka ngiga utai ditu.... Tambah pan, urang ditu mostly maioh kurang mampu, nda maioh macam baka kitai, utai dikena. Haha... But I'll live. Have to improvise here and there a little bit..

In all, I think im settling well. .... I miss home. Yes, I miss u guys a bunch. Homesick. Nadai utai ulih ngelaban the comforts of home. But I'm strong and I will stay positive And I WILL study hard too.. For me being here, is an answered prayer. Not everyone have this kind of opportunity. Bendar sembiang ngambi ulih belajar ba overseas suba. Ba UK, Australia, angan2 suba, tapi tu utai diberi Tuhan, but I'll still be forever grateful n contented with what God has given me. For He will provide, and I shall never lack of anything. So I will keep going on and make the most of this opportunity. Keep me in your prayers k. ;))

Gambar, bedau aku upload. Buruk. Haha.... Gambar ani kawin pun bedau.. Meda gaya legi meh...

Maioh utai ulih dicerita aku. Tanya aja nama2. Hehe.. That's all for now folks...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Left Hand Not Knowing What The Right is Doing

This posting can also be entitled " Don't Take No for answer" or Inefficiency still prevails....

You see my son probational driving licence will expire tomorrow but I decided to go to JPJ to renew it today knowing this will be an experience of sort. My son had earlier on (i.e one week ago) wanted to renew it himself but was told to renew the licence within one year from 22.9.2010 and so he came back dissappointed daring not to question the counter staff.

Upon reaching the JPJ office I got my number and while waiting for my turn to be served, decided to approach the info counter staff inquiring whether I need to fill up any form. He said yes and requested a colleague to give me a form to fill. When I inquire whether I can sign on behalf of my son he said no it must be signed personally by the applicant i.e my son. So I decided to think of a quick strategy, fill up the form and sign it "curi-ing" my son's signature. When my turn came I approach the counter staff (careful to turn my back away from the attention of the info counter staff lest he see me "trying to beat" the system)and produce to him the filled up form only to be told no form was needed for the service.

I was asked to pay RM30 and got the licence in less than five minutes - happy at last with mission accomplished but not without so many "mis-informations" - at least four (4) just to do renew one very simple licence.

When will the system be excellent? May be by the year 2025!

Monday, September 20, 2010


Year 2025: Dear Grandchildren,

These were the only beautiful cities that your grandpop & grandma managed to visit during their life times (not necessarily in sequence of travel):

  • Texas, San Diego, Seattle, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Las Vegas (twice),USA
  • Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness, Loch Ness, Scotland
  • London & Portmouth, English Channel, Bath, Stonehenge, UK
  • Oslo, Sweden
  • Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Holland
  • Mount Titlis & Lake Lugano, Switzerland
  • Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Austria
  • Canada (grandma only)
  • Vatican (twice), Rome
  • Lourdes, Paris, Marseille, Eiffel Tower, France
  • Venice (twice), Rome, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy
  • Medjugorje, Bosnia Herzegovina
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam (Holiday)
  • Japan
  • Bangkok, Phuket, Thailand
  • Brunei
  • Singapore
  • Alexandria, Luxor, Cairo, Aswan, Giza, Egypt
  • Yogyakarta (many times), Pontianak, Indonesia
  • Perth, Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane, Australia
  • Auckland, Christchurch, Queensland, New Zealand
  • English Channel Crossing using Euro Train ie France to England
  • Train trip from Amsterdam to Venice & Rome
  • Still counting/recalling at the time of writing.........

Did I forget any city? You will have to understand I am 68 years old this year ie 2025

Friday, April 16, 2010

Rules to RICHES....

Rules to RICHES – Nine Truths That Can Set You on the Path to Financial Freedom

Building generational wealth that will allow you and your family to live off dividends and interests isn’t an impossible goal; in fact, more than 90% percent of the super-rich in the US (the top one percent of wealth), didn’t inherit their money. If you’d like to follow in their footsteps, you can use these rules to fundamentally change your approach to financial freedom:


The general populace has a love-hate relationship with wealth. They resent those who have it but spend their entire lives attempting to get it for themselves. The reason the vast majority of people never accumulate a substantial nest egg is because they don’t understand the nature of money or how it works.

Cash, like a person, is a living thing. When you wake up in the morning and go to work, you are selling a product – yourself (i.e. your labour). When you realize that every morning your assets wake up and have the same potential to work as you do, you unlock a powerful key in your life. Every dollar you save is like an employee and over the course of time, the goal is to make your employees work hard until eventually, they make enough money to hire more workers (i.e. money). When you have become truly successful, you no longer have to sell your own labour but can live off of the labour of your assets.


The biggest mistake that most people make is that they think they have to start like Napoleon with the entire army. They suffer from the “not enough’ mentality; that if they aren’t making thousand-dollar investment at a time, they will never become rich. What these people don’t realize is that their entire armies are built one soldier at a time, so too must their financial arsenal.

A friend of mine once knew a woman who worked as a dishwasher and made her purses out of used liquid detergent bottles. This woman invested and saved everything she had despite it never being more than a few dollars at a time. Now, her portfolio is worth millions of dollars, all of which was built upon small investments. I am not suggesting you become this frugal but the lesson is still a valuable one. Do not despise the day of small beginnings!


When you put it in these terms, you see how spending little here or small amount there can make a huge difference in the long run. Since money has the ability to work in your place, the more of it you employ, the faster and larger it will grow. Along with more money comes more freedom – the freedom to stay home with your kids, the freedom to retire and travel round the world, or the freedom to quit your job. If you have any source of income, it is possible for you to start building wealth today. It may only be ten or 20 buck at a time, but each of those investments is a stone in the foundation of your financial freedom. The sooner you start saving and investing (even starting with your scholarship money or pharmacist paycheck) the sooner you will achieve your financial freedom. Buy that shoes, dress, blouse, shirts because you really need them NOT because these items are on “sales”. Nobody is going to notice your new shoes anyway and there is no prize for being the most fashionable among your peers.


Years ago, a friend told me she didn’t want to invest in stocks because she ‘didn’t want to wait 10 years to be rich’ and would rather enjoy her money now. The folly with this school of thinking is that the odds are, you are going to be still alive in 10 years. The question is, whether or not you will be better off when you arrive there. Where you are right now is the sum of the decisions you have made in the past. Why not set the stage for your life in future right now?


Someone once asked me why they weren’t wealthy. They always felt like they were putting money aside, yet never seemed to get any further ahead. The answer is simple; I told them to stop buying the products companies sell and start buying the company itself. A survey of America’s affluent, those who make over US$225,000 a year or won US$3 million in assets) revealed that almost 30 percent of all the income the wealth earned went into investment and savings. That isn’t the result of being rich, that is why they are rich. When the pain of getting out of the bondage of financial slavery is greater than the pain of changing your spending habits, you will become rich. Either change or be content to live as you are.


A very wise investor once said, to pick the traits you admire and dislike the most about your heroes, then do everything in your power to develop the traits you like and reject the ones you don’t. Mould yourself into who you want to become and you’ll find that by investing in yourself first, money will begin to flow into your life. Success and wealth beget success and wealth. You have to purchase your way into that cycle and you do so by building your army one soldier at a time and putting your money to work for you.


More money is not going to solve your problem. Money is like a magnifying glass; it will accelerate and bring to light your true habits but if you aren’t capable of handling RM30,000 per year, the worst possible thing that could happen to you is to earn six figures, it will destroy you. I have met too many people earning RM100, 000 a year living from paycheck to paycheck and I don’t understand why it is happening. The problem isn’t the size of their checkbook, it is the way which they were taught to use money. It is NOT how much you earn but how much you save that matters! The rule applies to everyone regardless of whether you are a pharmacist, doctor, dentist, manager or Haji Malai!


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. If your parents weren’t living the life you want to live then don’t do what they did! You must break away from the mentality of past generations if you want to have a different lifestyle than they had.

To achieve the financial freedom and success that your family may or may not have had, you have to do two things. First, make a firm commitment to get out of debt. Second, make saving and investing the highest priority in your life; one technique is to pay yourself first.


The miracle of life is that it doesn’t matter so much where you are but rather where you’re going. Once you decide to take back control of your life by building your net worth, don’t give a second thought to the “what ifs’. Every moment that goes by, you grow closer and closer to your ultimate goal – control and freedom.

Every ringgit that passes through your hands is a seed to your financial future. Rest assured, if you are diligent and responsible, financial prosperity is inevitability. The day will come when you make your last payment on your car, your house, or whatever else it is you owe. Until then, enjoy the process

Adapted from the magazine “CALIBRE” – April 2010 Issue

Friday, December 4, 2009

Its that holiday season again...

WE wanted to go for Spain & Portugal Tour but there is no tour to that part of europe coinciding with our leave so our next best option is to join NGG Egypt Tour from 8 - 16 December 2009.

The itinerary will be from KL - Cairo -ovenight train from Cairo to Luxor, from Luxor we will take the 4 nights Nile River Cruise from Luxor to Aswan Dam. From Aswan we will fly back to Cairo - touring Cairo and another day trip to the famous port city of Alexandria.

Along the way we will get to ride the camel (or even try camel meat), see the world famous pyramids, the Sphinx, the Thebes, the desert, oasis, the Nile Valley and hopefully to retrace the footsteps of Cleopatra, Napoleon, Pharaohs and aki Moses - mentioned in the Bible. From Cairo we will fly back to KL and finally Bintulu in time for Christmas carolling and all.
Our daughter will then take her turn to fly to London for a 2-weeks holiday as soon as we come back home - leaving behind two poor old souls to celebrate xmas alone with no children in the house this year.

Be on the look out for pictures and travel stories from Indurumahpanjai's blogspot - she will be the "Samantha Brown" stand-in normally seen in the Astro "Travel" channel. After a year of long hard works in the office and in the fields (ie Mesrafarms) what better way is there to spend a holiday than to go back and learn about the beginning of civilization and ancient Egypt!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Mesrafarm - updates on 30 Oct 2009

Above - rewarding my workers with beer breaks! to energize them?
Politic of land development on NCR land - stakeholder?100% personally owned.Land clearing, stacking, terracing, road access, culvert constructions and field planting completed within one month -provided there is availability of sufficient workers. Total trees on this plot is estimated to be between 1100 - 1300 with potential monthly income of RM11K to 13K per month, God willing + but proven by those who have tried it
Below: With my 2 penan workers ie John Laweng (blue short) and Yuse in dark colored shirt- appointed on 30 Oct 2009. Hope they come to stay for good seraya ka nolong the less fortunate ko kitai!
Projek ai diberi Geological Department Kuching - courtesy of Dr Richard Manie a close friend from UM days till now
Above & below: IMsia -rural electrification project comes to Rh Bansa 46 years after joining Msia!